Monday, July 20, 2009

Murlidhar Temple, Thawa

Murlidhar Temple, is located in Thawa village nearly 29 Km from Kullu.

Built in early medieval period,(5000 years ago) in Shikara Style.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna also known as Murlidhar.

Along with the idols of lord Krishna, there are idols of Radha, Garud and Laxminarayana.

As per Hindu Mythology, Radha and Krishna are the eternal lovers. An interesting story related to them was told during my visit to the temple. Earlier when the temple was constructed Radha’s Idol was not in the temple. It is believed that due to this reason usually Lord Krishna was found absent from the Temple. Only after the idol of Radha was brought into the temple, the two eternal lovers were unified again.

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