Thursday, July 9, 2009

Landscape - Jana Village

A view from the road.

Girls bringing dry grass for feeding cattles.

Like a typical Kullu Village a small Temple of the Village Diety. Here it is believed that the village God is their protector, preserver and creator they pay their full homage to the God and pray for health, wealth & prosperity.


  1. Kuluth, Very nice images, I like that you've given me a broad view of life in a Kullu village. One thing that might help images 1 & 3 is quality of light. By that I mean early morning or late evening. The 2nd image is a great human interest story, move in closer if possible. Your other close portraits are beautiful, I think an image of the girls carrying the grass seeing the expression on their faces would nice. I know you can't do these thing sometimes, just my take...

  2. It's always nice learning about life in another part of the world. So different from here where I live. Beautiful photos of the village.