Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Village Fair

India is a land of festivals and fairs. In almost all parts of the country fairs are held all year around. They are held generally on occasion of some religious festivals etc. many of them are related to crop harvesting. Here in Himachal also we celebrate different fairs through out the year. I happen to visit one such fair and here is a glimpse of the same for you.
Every year in the mid of june a small fair is celebrated in Bhuntar town ( Nearly 9Km from Kullu). Usually fairs serves as a meeting place for people living far away form one another, here in Kullu the Deities from different villages gather .People from the nearby village visit the fair for worshiping the local dieties and ofcourse enjoying the fair.

In olden days, these fairs played a very important role since there was minimal or no connectivity of villages with towns and cities. But today the scenario has changed. But still the special feature of the village fairs is that they fulfill the needs of the rural people. In towns there are permanent markets. Hence, people do not feel the want of anything. They purchase their articles of daily need in the regular market. But in villages many things are not found in the regular markets. Hence they have to depend for those things on the fair. It provide a change from the monotony of everyday life. People go there for sight seeing and for enjoying.
One can find many games around and brusting ballons is one of them. In the pic below kids are enjoying the game.

There were many rides too for kids as well as adults. This Giant wheel was on of them.

Traders come from far and near to sell their various articles. Temporary shops are eructed. Besides shops, there are hawkers who move about up and down the fair and sell their own little products. They sell flutes, purer, umbrellas and various other kinds of toys which are specially attractive to the children.

Now when one is tired you can have some food/refreshment too in the stalls.

The market decorated with lights looks beautiful.

All this was captured while i was passing by with my friend on a bike. Hope you liked it. :)

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