Monday, June 1, 2009

God on a walk

Most villages in Kullu have temples of ancient local gods and goddesses (devtas and devis). These gods’ homes are constructed of stone and Cedar timber, most of them in similar style to human homes. The Temples are supported by one or more pujaris or priests, a manager (kardar), an oracle or shaman, interpreters (Goor), and musicians for festival times. All these positions in a village’s management of sacred sites are hereditary. Management is by the “body of hereditary votaries,” while the position of manager (kardar) is for life.
People invite these God/deity to there home for getting there blessings & to share their happiness, success etc. The villagers from that particular God's village accompany the God to the invitees home. In the picture above God's idol along with the villagers on its way to one such occasion.

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