Monday, August 17, 2009

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  1. Hello Kuluth,

    Your pictures are beautiful, I especially like the one of the lone tree, but sorry so many trees are lost when dams are built.

    To answer your questions, No I was not offended by anything. I have been limiting my blogging, and yes I have removed myself from some of the blogs followers. I have again become your follower, I do enjoy looking at your pictures and the beauty you show of your little corner of the world.

    I have decided anyone who does not leave me a comment, I will no longer be their follower. Blogging takes up a lot of time that I could spent doing other things, so if I take the time to view someones blog and leave a comment I feel it is only good manners to view one of my six blog sites and leave me a comment. I think a lot of bloggers are just out to see how many followers they can get. Not me! I think if you want a follower than you have to be a follower of them as well. I realize some have hundreds or thousands of followers, that is not my goal. Actually, I just started my blogs for my own entertainment, not knowing anything about followers or commenting. That was two years ago. I started with and since then have added 4 other blogs. However, I have decided to limit my blogging to maybe once or twice a week, if I have the time. I hope you understand. But, I will try to visit more often and leave you a comment now and again since you appreciate them.

    Gramma Ann